Katsudi’s work in “Women’s Manga in Asia and Beyond”

Cover of “Women’s Manga in Asia and Beyond”

We are very proud that an essay by Ryan Holmberg on Katsudi’s work is part of the newly published book “Women’s Manga in Asia and Beyond”. This book, edited by Fusami Ogi, Rebecca Suter, Kazumi Nagaike and John A. Lent, is based on the research work of the Women’s MANGA Research Project in Asia (WMRPA), led by Fusami Ogi.
Excerpt from the publisher’s website: “This chapter looks at how this seminal figure in prewar Japanese girls’ culture responded to discourses about proper femininity in the early Showa period (1926-45). It shows how Matsumoto sourced positively from Hollywood and the flapper-type moga (modern girl) to craft models of athletic and assertive girlhood that differs starkly from the wispy, homoerotic figures that traditionally dominate narratives of early shojo culture.

Thank you, Ryan Holmberg, for your wonderful essay!

For a preview and purchase options please visit the publisher’s website.